I Sing A Song of Sisters


Today is National Sibling Day.  Nothing expresses the beauty of the sibling relationship like this article by Frank Bruni.  He’s one of the most brilliant minds I know, thus why I self-report as Swoon-y For Bruno.

If you have a sibling our are remotely interested in why I am such a fan, read the article.

All I can add is a public expression of gratitude for my sisters, one 14 months older, the other 4 years younger.  They keep my ship righted and my circle of life in perspective.  They love name unconditionally and only applied conditions when I needed them.  It was either conditional love or an intervention, I suppose.

Either way, it’s helped make me who I am today, and it has defined “family” for me in the most meaningful and loving way possible.


Duck and Smile.


So I went back to work full time, last week.  Obviously working 37.5 hours each week during fairly fixed hours has severely cramped my style in a lot of ways.  I need a new routine.  I’m tired when I need energy and wide awake in the middle of the night.  I like the morning classes at the gym that I used to take better than the night classes I’m taking now.  I can’t get into a groove with any of my meals or shopping.  None of it.

I’m juggling and I’m failing.

Or am I?

Hold on a second.  I’m not a juggler.  I don’t want to be a juggler.  And I don’t get paid to be a juggler.  So why am I worried about juggling and judging myself based on how well (or poorly) I’m doing it.

So I think I’ll duck, smile, and keep on doing the best I can.  Including not tripping over any of the balls that fall into my path.

Don’t be so hard on yourself, and start by getting rid of the ridiculous (and ridiculously unattainable) expectations you set for yourself.  Start being realistic, and start now.


And smile.

It will go a long way.