Does Life Really Get in the Way?


I’ve been so busy lately.  Between work and teaching the online class, not to mention trying to get my running mojo back, lose few pounds, and tend to the people and things that matter, well, I have been out straight.

And then I thought about how sometimes when we get busy we say “life gets in the way.”  We blame life as the the thing that prevents us from having fun.

And then I was like, “Whaaaa…?”  When we engage and live fully in every moment, that’s life.  Life doesn’t get in the way.  Life is the journey, it’s the vehicle that carries us through…once again it’s about choice.

I’m choosing to view life as an enabler not an obstacle.
Choose happy, and choose now.


Days = Lives


It’s been said that how we spend our days is how we spend our lives.  I’ve not posted in a while, because I’ve been spending my time working.  But I haven’t been spending my life working.  I’ve been spending my life living, cramming as much happiness as I can into as many spaces as I can, spaces small and large.

And while I thought, for a little while, that life has just been too busy lately, it hasn’t been.  All my time is full, living.

So think about that and until I post again, live your life.