Airport Associations


Random stuff I think while sitting in the airport:

  1. I don’t mind business travel once I get to my destination but damn does it ruin my day.  Especially when it’s a weekend.
  2. Super-happy that it’s a bye week for the Pats.  
  3. This woman at the bar must be really hungry.  Or a kidnapee.  She’s commenting about every food she sees and every smell she smells but she seems not allowed to talk to the bartender.
  4. I’m not down with the whole Bucket List concept.  I’m pretty much about “f-ck it; who needs a list?”
  5. First day with no DST makes the airport lounge that much more depressing.
  6. I spend a shit-ton of money supporting my business travel.  I can’t get reimbursed for my beers but what the hell else am I supposed to do once I get through security?  Work?  Then I’m on a crash course to third-world wages.
  7. Yesterday I golfed with one friend and two strangers and had one of the best days of my life.

I’ll wrap up there, because lucky #7 teaches a ginormous lesson.  Be open.  Be surprised. Be happy.  Never miss a chance to do one of the three, and when you get the trifecta, relish it.


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