Why I Hate Microsoft


In summary: customer service is reprehensible.

The more detailed version:

Got the Microsoft Band last Christmas.  With the extended warranty.  I wore it daily, tracked my sleep, my steps, my exercise.  In August it starts getting fussy off the charger.  So I initiate service proceedings, namely a few online chats, troubleshooting, etc.  No real help with the suggestions, no promised follow up.  Meanwhile, the gift giver (a total Microsoft Junkie), is advising me how to go about the return.  She knows how to because her Band had to be returned twice.  Quality problems?

Anyway, after a few weeks of back and forth and wasted hours, I finally get a return authorization.  I send the defective Band back, and after a few more weeks hear nothing.  After more wasted hours and no resolution, I do a few tweets trying to catch someone’s attention.  Nothing.  Then I get a brown box with my original Band in it saying service has been denied due to extreme damage.  As you can see from these pictures, there’s no damage, let alone extreme damage.

I’m at a loss.  Can’t get answers. No the Facebook message route and after some persistence get an email contact.  Who asks for pictures, which I send.  Then radio silence.  I follow up a few more times then get told the case was on hold because I wasn’t responding.  We get back on track, kind of.  I’m heated because I’ve been months without a working Band, it was an expensive gift, came with the extended warranty (which was ignored).  So I ask for. Band 2.  I think given that two Bands were initially purchased, that there were three product failures, and I had spent hours over several months trying to get what was rightfully mine (extended warranty honored) it was a legit request.

After much back and forth I finally get a replacement Band, but not a Band 2.  Better than nothing.  Only it’s the wrong size and this is useless to me.  I tried to follow up and was told my case was being closed.  No one can or will help me.  So that’s why I hate Microsoft.  Overpriced products that are still Beta products.  No support.  No response.  Nothing.

And while it was happening, well, my sister got her iPhone 6 with a dead screen replaced, no questions asked.  Here I am, in Microsoft customer service hell.

If anyone from Micrsofot wants to make this right, you can find me here.  Comment away.

And for what it’s worth, we now own a Band 2, a Lumia, and two Surface Pros.  We deserve better.



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