About Me (Or, Why You Should Listen To Me)


Well I would say “trust me,” but that would be a kind of ridiculous thing to ask of a total stranger.

There are people who have done more, been through more, are better writers, and probably are a lot nicer than me out there. I get that. Believe me, I do. But I also happen to truly believe that I have something new to offer, something that can help people.

My practical life experience is probably a lot like yours. I grew up in a great family. Went to college. Got subsumed by and subsequently consumed by Corporate America and spent years being a corporate prostitute, chewed up, virtually pulverized, and spat out. Obtained an MBA and a graduate certificate in Strategic Internet Management (as opposed to what, non-strategic?) along the way. I’ve interacted with lots of different people in lots of different ways…product end users/consumers, developers, thinkers, planners, good managers, bad managers, and lying bullies.

I’ve also spent a lot of time working with and listening to people, with an end goal of figuring out what they need. Anticipating and responding to objections. Dealing with naysayers and second guessers. The psychology of business isn’t different. What do people want and why? How do you work collaboratively to get to two different end goals? In conjuring up and developing products, I learned a lot about understanding root cause and addressing root issues. I’ve learned the applicability of those lessons more and more, as I have worked to learn more about myself.

Outside of the office, my firsthand experience isn’t that much different than a lot of other people. I do a lot. read a lot. Think a lot. Listen to a lot of music. Does that make me an expert? Well, yeah, it makes me an expert at creating a plan that worked for me, and in a way that I think can be repeatable for you. I’ll talk about the plan as it worked for me in the relevant sections, as appropriate. For now, I’ll say this. In the last year, I have lost and kept off well over 50 pounds. I have also, in the last year, joined a seemingly intimidating gym, ran two half marathons (one under 2 hours), joined a running club, lost my job, stopped being single, and…this is the big one…am happy and positive all the time. I feel balanced and steady in the face of a lot of personal stuff that could easily have made me buckle. But I didn’t. Instead I am sitting here at 1:14pm on a Tuesday, still in my workout clothes, unemployed, but feeling happy, content, and–maybe most importantly–hopeful.


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