Today’s headline haiku:

Paris massacre.

Ethnic cleansing coffee cups.

“Media”; amok.

So that’s that.
Ok…soooo…this weekend has been an overwhelming experience dealing with a f-cked up world and the associated reactionary and under-informed opinions both on and offline. I’ve seen a lot of misguided response, a lot of meeting hatred with hatred, plenty of rush to judgment, and a general lack of willingness and interest to consider alternative views. In any case, we’ve got 11 days until Thanksgiving. So I encourage everyone to take a step back, to take an extra breath, and to think about something good in your own life, something that makes you happy…then hold on to it, at least for a little while.  

This picture illustrates one thing about my world that’s pretty great, and it fills me with hope and optimism for the future. Thanks to my 17 y.o. nephew for the gift of an amazing outlook, and go Pats. #letlovewin



True Confessions: I’m A PC


I’m not the urban hipster beret-wearing latte drinking Starbucks stereotype despite the fact that in warm weather nothing beats their Liquid Defibrillator (aka Iced Americano, light water).  Nor am I a creative genius, despite the fact that I am the one in the family that people call on when they need an invitation or tshirt designed.  And I have designed my fair share of things that people have offered to buy.

But anyway…

So I recently spoke of the thought of wishing one had lived a different life and today finds me with a different angle on it… and not so much do you wish to truly be someone else, but more a matter of perceiving oneself a certain way…a certain inaccurate way.

I actually know some people who buy stuff, certain stuff, just to say they have the stuff.  That’s not me.  I’m no poser.  I may be a bite generous in giving myself points for self awareness, but I know I’m no poser…I do, however, sometime covet stuff because I want to be able to use the stuff, and with flair…a guitar…a nice camera… an iMac with a huge display…a companion MacBook…I want to play the guitar and sing a catchy song about what a great photographer I am and record it on my iMac while I edit in on my MacBook while sitting in Starbucks drinking something off the secret menu… except I don’t really want that.

Maybe I want it conceptually but practically I known such a scenario is as ridiculous and as ludicrous as thinking I might win Powerball.  And when I say I wish I lived a different life, I don’t really mean it.  I wonder, a lot, about choice and how small decisions have big impacts and vice versa.  Sometimes big decisions have no impacts.  Sometimes decisions of any size have unanticipated consequences big and small.  It’s more an awareness of the power of choice and the path you’re on and what matters most and avoid real regret.  Because for me if I lived a different life I wouldn’t be where I am now, which is right where I’m meant to be.

The real bottom line for me in the particular line of reflection is that one of the most important things you can do is stay true to who you are, while pushing yourself to go to the places you want to.  Learn a few chords.  Snap some pics.  Indulge your inner longings. But stay true.

Today, for me, being true is in the form of this post’s titled.  I am a PC.  I’m a PC and proud.

This post if the first of many brought to you by a Windows Surface Pro 3, which I went out and bought on Saturday after finalizing a new full-time job on Friday.

You know something?  Admitting that feels good.  Liberating.  So I guess I’ll end this bit by tacking on the fact that the Surface commercial that aired around the holidays, the one to the tune of Winter Wonderland has been stuck in my head for four months now.  And the kickstand?  It is pretty slick man.

Be who you are, be who you want to be, no apologies.  Unless you act like a jerk.  Then apologize and stop it already.  Life’s too short to be an a-hole.