Slow is A State of Mind


I’ve noted in some past posts that if you want to get healthy, the first thing to do is to “just” start. Do something. Anything. Don’t sweat the details. Pay attention to some basic math. Stay positive.

It’s not always easy but it doesn’t have to be hard either. And the more you look for them, the more signs you see that the uniqueness of your experience isn’t a unique experience in general. And there’s power in that reinforcement, strength in numbers. This article that I read this morning gave me a little boost, which reminded me that sometimes a boost feels good, even when you think you don’t need one. A boost can fight agains a downward trend or propel and upward one…in any case, take everything you get to add to your positive momentum!

So, how are you doing with developing new habits? Are you being attentive to what you eat, counting and measuring? Are you moving, steadily? Do you feel like you’re starting to understand your body and what it will respond best to? Mare you honestly assessing what your life and lifestyle will accommodate in terms of sustainable change?

I was at my sister’s this weekend skimming old Cooking Light magazines and in one of them they published some reader tips on what has helped them be successful…and one of them was, essentially, that it’s about you and you can’t rely on someone else’s plan. I tried to find the exact quote to put here but I can’t find it. The point is the same one I have been trying to hammer home.

But the issue that I am trying to tackle here is the how. How, when you’re busy and overwhelmed and unsure and scared, do you make dramatic and sustainable change? I’m trying to help you with that. Is it working? What else can I do for you?

And remember…when you’re doing anything you’re beating the person on the couch! The biggest risk you take is in doing nothing. Make your attitude a supportive friend and not a self-sabotaging enemy. Positive thinking. Affirm yourself!