It’s The Little Things…


Last night, the healthy-living unthinkable happened. My food scale went kaflooey. The display was possessed. It wouldn’t shut off. Wouldn’t weigh my ingredients. The horror. The result was a sticky bread that needed several flour rescue attempts. (Which were successful.)

Then I got to thinking…what would I do without my food scale? I realized how reliant I am on it, how useful it is for me, and how ingrained it is in my routine.

It’s second-nature now. And that got me to thinking about how easy it is to overlook the little things, and not to be conscious of little things that matter, and how important it is to stick to the basics.

I’ve talked about best-selling business or self-help books and how they often are a re-packaging of the most straightforward and basic concepts. And I know what I’m talking about isn’t breakthrough. What I am trying to do is share what I did, successfully, in the hope that it can help you build your own program to help you be successful in achieving your health and fitness goals. I’m repackaging and grouping things in a new and unique way to help you meet your unique needs and goals while accounting for your unique constraints.

And then in conversation with a friend I found myself reminding her to take note of one good thing that happens each day. Small steps, huge differences.

My food scale worked fine this morning. “Crisis” averted. But a malfunctioning food scale served as a valuable reminder that I have the power and ability to make lasting, sustainable change and to develop new healthy habits…I’m reminded that I have created a new normal, and I’m reminded of the importance of mindfulness.

Sometimes it takes more dedication and mental toughness than others. Sometimes we have more perceived success than failure. But as long as we’ve started and are moving and are doing things mindfully–even the “bad” things, we will move toward our goals. And nothing will stop us, unless we let it.

Remember, be good to yourself.