Lentil Love. (You Heard Me.)


So you know I try to eat mindfully, primarily plant based. And lately that has involved lentils. They are delicious, healthy, filling, and versatile. And, I learned today, a solid stand in for the meat in meatloaf.

One lentilloaf in and I’m a convert.

This is what we had tonight for dinner and it was amazing.


We used the Hot Wing Time buffalo sauce and it was nice and spicy. The BBQ-Buffalo glaze was substantial, and a great taste combination. The puréed lentils give a consistency similar to ground beef. I already can’t wait for my meatloaf sandwich for lunch tomorrow, but first I do want to enjoy this Patriots game that I’m watching. (Go Pats!)

The other lentil recipe that will be regularly appearing in our Winter dinner rotation is this one:


I love sweet potatoes. I wanted to experiment with lentils. And this recipe intrigued me, because it seemed to be a kind of funky combination of ingredients. And it is a funky combo for sure, but it’s a winning combination that works. The recipe suggests serving it with bread or salad, and I am all about the bread, because the dish is like a really hearty stew. And, when I want lentils and greens, this is my go-to:


Love a lentil today. Try something new. Experiment. Take a baby step outside of your comfort zone. Just go. Start. Be accountable to you. Have fun. But go. Come on!


Savory Oatmeal Strikes Again!


I was hungry. (What’s new?). Didn’t have much in the house. (Whats new?). Wanted to eat healthy. (What’s new?) (See a pattern here?)

I also didn’t have many calories available to me, so what to do?

The easy answer would be something like cereal, which I had last night for dinner. Or eggs, which I had this morning for breakfast. Or oatmeal with blueberries, because they were in the house. But I really wanted dinner oatmeal. And so, in five minutes, I was eating a big delicious nutritious filling bowl of savory oats, done like this:

Microwaved 1/2 c of Quaker Quick Oats.
Warmed a half serving (61g) of Goya low sodium black beans with a little chipotle spice blend.
Stirred 1/8c of shredded Mexican cheese into the cooked oats.
Added the hot beans and mixed those in.
Topped it with a serving of Trader Joe’s salsa verde.

According to my pal, MyFitnessPal, that was a 265c dinner with 12g of protein. I’ll take it.

You have to start to get and gain positive momentum. So go. Start. Now.

And let this remind you of the power and value of choices, which we have at every turn. I could have gotten a takeout meatball sub, which I always love. Or a pizza. But I didn’t. And that might have tasted better, but I definitely wouldn’t have been happier than I am right now.

You get what I’m saying?

Go. And be good to yourself if you ever do choose the meatball sub!

Killer French Toast. With syrup. ~300 calories.


I woke up this morning knowing I had bread in the house and craving french toast. I felt hungry, so I went over the ingredients I thought I’d like it to include and punched them into MyFitnessPal. Over 600 calories. Hmmm…a lot for breakfast…but I’m running 5.5 miles this afternoon, probably will have a light lunch and dinner…thought about it…could probably swing a big breakfast…and decided against it. I went with this:

Two slices of white whole grain bread
1T liquid egg white
1T unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1/3 cup crushed Heritage Flakes cereal
1T maple syrup
1 small banana (mine was 70g)

According to MyFitnessPal, about 310 calories. Can’t beat it.

I mixed the milk and liquid egg whites in one small, flat bowl. Put the crushed cereal in another.

Sliced the banana and placed it on one slice of bread, topping it with another. (Essentially a banana sandwich.). Sprayed my griddle with cooking spray and heated it. Held the sandwich so the banana wouldn’t fly out the sides, dipped it in the liquid on both sides then in the cereal flakes. Cooked it up, flipped it carefully to keep the bananas inside, finished cooking it…threw on the maple syrup and devoured it.


St. Patrick’s Day: March Musings


Another great quote by Jim Rohn:


  • Made my first corned beef and cabbage dinner yesterday. Slow cooker. It was awesome. It was a flat cut and not too fatty. With tons of carrots and cabbage and a few potatoes, it wasn’t even unhealthy. (Of course going out after dinner and drinking too much beer while bowling is another story…)
  • I’m officially training for my third half marathon. It’s on June 8. The weather here is still so cold, it’s killing me. But I’m doing it. One of these days I’ll give you details on how I got to this point with my running. Until then, keep moving. Or google “couch to 5k.” If I can do it, anyone can.
  • I made a bread last night to go with dinner. I added 1T of sugar and used almond milk with 2.5T of white vinegar (which sat for 5 minutes first) in place of the buttermilk. It was so good. I can’t wait for leftovers tonight!
  • Cottage cheese is a great snack.
  • And so are graham crackers with almond butter.
  • The whole Jenna Wolfe 30 day thing isn’t doing it for me.
  • I’m glad I went to the gym this morning even though I was tired.
  • You can do it!

Quick Recipe Check In


Been dying to try these Peking Chicken Wraps for a while now and finally got around to it last night. So delicious!

The recipe calls for cooked shredded chicken; we slow-cooked ours for about 4 hours in a cup of veggie broth which worked out great.

We were jokingly calling them Asian Fajitas but it turns out they were more like Asian Burritos–apparently yesterday was National Margarita Day and these were as close as we got to a Mexican Fiesta!

For tortillas we went with old reliable, Mission Carb Balance Whole Wheat–26g of fiber per tortilla, which you can’t go wrong with. The hoisin sauce was great but you really could use any Asian-style sauce of your liking for sure.

Too good not to pass along and per the recipe, under 300 calories!