Burn To Earn. Don’t Forget.


Simple math, burn to earn, expend more than you eat. Sounds implies right?

Great reminder in my inbox this morning that prompts this post, coupled with the fact that today I’m sweating my total intake and I’ve already been to the gym AND haven’t even had lunch yet. Ouch.

Some days it happens. But this email stated that being off by 100 calories a day can lead you straight to 6-10 pounds overweight. So if you’re trying to lose weight, or think y’re trying, you have got to avoid self-sabotage. I am telling you, it’s very rare that I underestimate portion size, and I’ve been weighing and measuring my food for about a year now. And this is why I still do. I work too hard to inadvertently undermine my own efforts.

Yesterday, on Facebook, a friend was mocking Kelly Ripa’s admission that she counts out 8 pistachios and adds them to her yogurt. Whether or not she is too skinny has no bearing…if you want to measure accurately, you have to measure.

So, if you’re just starting it and don’t want to commit to a food scale, count, measure, whatever it takes…just right-size your portions. Keep track of what you’re eating and what you’re expending. Tell the truth. Overestimate food and underestimate exercise. But you do need to count or measure. And I can’t stress enough that you need to write it down. I use MyFitnessPal. Check it out. But you can use whatever works for you. Find out how many calories you should be taking in to achieve your weight loss/maintenance/gain goals and stop taking in more than that. See? Simple. 😉