Everything Old is New Again…


…and I feel old!

You probably know that I’ve recently had to admit that I’m a PC and it was with reluctance and excitement that I did so.

Purchase of the Surface Pro 3 behind me, now I’m learning how to use it.  I’ve still got my iPad next to me, helping me figure how to do certain things.

And right now, I’m multi-tasking (multi-screening), and admittedly very bad habit I am looking forward to (hopefully) breaking when I go back to work Monday.

I’m figuring out my Surface, with an iPad assist… watching the 2-hour season finale of Empire… because when it’s over, I need to take some notes on what programs I record and then go to the local Comcast office to upgrade all my old boxes to Xfinity X1 boxes.  So then when I get home I can use both my Surface AND iPad (and probably even my iPhone) to figure out how to watch TV.

And I’m doing this wearing gym clothes… because I went to a class at the gym this morning and haven’t made it into the shower quite yet.  I joined a new gym last month and for the first time in my life I started taking classes named Sweat.  Body Blast. Pound.  In the process I learned that I am even more uncoordinated than I ever imagined.  So in those classes I’m trying to use mirrors and my neighbors and verbal cues to help me get it right.  But I’m still pretty backwards.

To summarize: a lot of unfamiliar stuff is around me.  I start a new job Monday.  Yet somehow I find myself exhilarated.  I wonder whether I’ve got my raging case of FOUL syndrome in the rearview.

Without my even being conscious of it, I’ve been plowing forward, trying new things, stretching myself… and look where I landed.  Who cares that I’m completely off rhythm in Body Blast?  Who cares if I have no idea how to use my laptop replacement or my TV?  Details.

Life changes, and it’s all good.  Because I’m letting it be.  Think about doing the same.  Just maybe you’ll put one of your maladies behind you.

Hope feels good.  Happy feels better.

P.S. Drew this pic on my Surface with a new program, Fresh Paint.  😉


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