Epic Snow Forecast? No Problem.


Really, why panic? So an epic snowfall is predicted in the Northeast over the next few days. Perfect place to practice choice. In attitude. In reaction.

There’s nothing I can do about the snow. I can’t control how much falls, how long it lasts, whether the power will go out, whether the plows do a crappy job…none of that is inside my sphere of control. Given that, what can I do?

A lot!

Plan. Get your groceries, batteries, electronics charged up. Get your books ready. Your movies cued up. Your favorite sweatpants washed. Get gas for your snowblower and make sure it starts. Plan events with your neighbors. Make sure you have wine and beer.

You can view the storm as calamitous and start worrying now about what might or might not happen. Or you can accept the unknown, whatever it might be, create your context, and make it a happy place. Snow removal is a drag? Consider all the exercise you get and reward yourself when you get back inside. Give yourself a free pass to catch up on the tv you’ve been too busy to watch or the books you’ve been too busy to read. No electricity? Relish the forced unplugging and remember what it was like a few years ago, before you were constantly connected.

I could go on and on, but you get the picture. It’s winter in New England, so this isn’t even a curveball that Mother Nature is throwing. She’s lobbing a change up right down the middle. You can choose whether to go down looking or whether to swing for the fence!

Go. Hit it out of the park. And enjoy your trot around the bases!


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