Lessons In Low Places


By way of update, I’m someone who likes to learn the lesson in things, even the hard lessons. Constant learning and challenging and reworking—in balance with total free-spirited chill time—is what drives self-improvement and happiness and growth.

Sometimes finding the lesson is hard. Sometimes learning it is hard. Sometimes both are difficult. And that’s ok. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to and heed the basic lessons, the easy ones, the obvious ones…pick the low-hanging fruit, as they say in business-speak.

Today, it struck me that a great place for happy reminders to incubate is in the lyrics of seemingly inane (or annoying or overplayed) pop songs.

Without really being conscious of it, I’ve taken to saying—when someone seems to be holding onto some marginally meaning emotional something or other a little too tight—”cue Idina Menzel and her hit from Frozen and let it go!” The other day, I was talking about something and my sister asked, “Do I need to play the Frozen song for you?” Which led me to think about just what it was that I was harboring, and whether it was worth it.

Today, I heard Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off. Say what you want about the artist or the song but in the end, the player’s gonna play, the hater’s gonna hate…leaving each of us with a choice…so why not free ourselves of the burdens of others and just shake it off?

So today, I encourage you to—starting right now—when you feel yourself getting rattled by some quasi-meaningless thing, or by someone or something outside of your sphere of control, remember these pop song lessons and choose to let it go and/or shake it off.

You’ll free your mind to focus on things that matter.

And as you go through your days, channel other lyrics into motivating mantras that make sense and work for you!

Go have a dance party for one and tell me you don’t feel better afterwards.


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