Contradiction? Conflict? Hypocrisy? Or Just Plain Life?


As I continue to push forward in 2015, as I find myself exercising less and weighing a little more, I’m setting myself up for positive change. I’m not excusing myself for making excuses, nor am I beating myself up over a holiday extravaganza of bad choices.

With the constant influx of messages that promise not just improvement but twice the results in half the time, I’m sitting here and shaking my head. Even when you know what you want and how to get it, it still sometimes is hard to know quite where to start, and how to start. That’s the position I’m in right now.

And then it hit me, that I need to practice this concept that just hit me:


To understand active unwasting, you must first acknowledge the presence and extent of its opposite—passive wasting—in your life. Even the busiest of us, I suspect, are guilty of it. Passing time idly on a smartphone, iPad, or some other gadget. Watching mindless television. Subconsciously throwing precious minutes out the window. When challenged, you might deny that you do it. Defend your position staunchly, stammering about down time or unwinding. Fair enough.

But some of that time you passively and subconsciously fritter away can and and should be harnessed for better. Which brings me to where I am, and how I’ll be taking my first steps toward improvement—by actively unwasting a few chunks of time every day and consciously devoting that time to finishing some incomplete something. Be it laundry, a reminder I’ve been snoozing for days, or a card I’ve been meaning to put in the mail. Something. Anything. A positive action in place of a neutral bit of inaction.

Think about it, and start actively unwasting your time right now, freeing you up to do the things that really matter.


And be happy.


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