If You Don’t Take Time To Laugh, Make Time To Laugh


Lately I’ve been trying not to take myself too seriously, trying not to be wrapped too tight, trying to roll with life, trying to scowl less and smile more. Sometimes being happy is a lot of work, but that doesn’t mean the happy is forced.

It’s about being conscious of yourself, cognizant of your actions, and being attentive to, caring about, and responsive to your needs, your wants. I realized that in a different way this morning, when I found myself talking about a difficult situation I’m facing. It would be so easy to be consumed by and subsumed into the bleakness of it. But it’s not that much work to frame the difficulty more positively and ensure that it’s the right size and in the right place in the landscape of my life.

This week, as scheduling has it, I went to trivia night twice this week. On Sunday with one group of friends and last night with a couple, also friends of mine. We did terrible both times, which actually is unusual, but man, did we ever laugh. A lot.

And there it is. Yeah, I’m not working now and money is tight and my life is kind of, uh, lean right now. Even so, making sure that my heart stays happy has to stay as a huge priority.

Life is busy. It’s easy to make excuses. The holidays can be stressful. It’s easy to get swept up in everything around you. Take stock of what that is, how it feels, and what you want. And if you find you’re not having fun, take a break. Do something that makes you happy. Whatever it is, take the time to do it. Give yourself the time to be happy.

This weekend, I’m also doing something that makes me happy. An annual volunteering event called Harpoon Helps Spread Holiday Cheer. The six of us are signed up (my sister’s family and I) and my holiday Chucks are dusted off. I’m ready to head into the city and decorate a shelter. Giving people hope, giving people smiles, giving people a little bit of happy—with people I love—is something that makes me happy.

Take a minute, reflect…and commit. To happy. Go!



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