Reflecting, Not Ruminating


So yesterday was Thanksgiving, and it was a good one. I reminded myself that my outlook was a choice, and chose to focus on the many things I am grateful for, and not what I am missing.

I started the day with a 5-mile road race. It’s a little bit hard to not feel grateful to be able to do that. After the race, a beer in the parking lot, a tailgate of gratitude. A fortune found in my dad’s desk, “treasure what you have.” My 13 year old niece commenting that we should be grateful that we have so much to be sad about.

Having so much to be sad about. Hmm. And in that moment I realized that, ironically, having so much to be sad about was why I was so happy. It reminded me of all things good, of love, and sacrifice, and togetherness. Of family. And so it is and so it was.

The wishbone for me represents the choice I often speak of. I can wrestle with the wishbone, and hope to win, to get my wish. Or I can consider the wishbone to be one or more positive choices…no matter which piece is biggest, I get something bigger. A positive choice. A choice that only I can make for myself.

What’s your choice? Choose gratitude for something, and watch it grow.



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