Two Great Tastes…


…just like Reese’s peanut butter cups, part of learning how to cook and eat differently comes with pairing the unexpected…but with experience you get to know what sounds and “feels” right, and you can stretch yourself a little…both in the kitchen and out.

My sister called my attention to this recipe, and when I made it for the first time, I could not get over how amazing it was. Around the same time, my mom tipped me off to this one, and it was also delicious (coincidentally also from Martha Stewart).

This morning I was really hungry…I was craving the avocado toast, but I had a tomato from the garden, and I worried the avocado toast wild leave me hungry. So I decided to chance it and marry the two recipes. I made the avocado toast, then layered on some tomato slices, then topped with a fried egg, over easy.

Heaven. Delicious. Great flavors that went together, filled me up, made use of one of my last tomatoes of the season, and made me glad that I went “off recipe.”

Yeah, it was just a silly meal, just for me…but it was also a reminder to try stuff, to surprise yourself, and to enjoy it.

Take chances. Small ones. Big ones. Low risk. High risk. Just try. Start. Go. Now.


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