To Untangle, Zentangle(R)!


“Honey, you’re wrapped kind of tight.” That was a familiar thing said to me growing up, that or variants thereof. I’ve mentioned it before and I will note it again, as was stated in the movie “Little Man Tate.”


In any case, yeah, maybe I am wrapped a little tight and maybe I am pensive to the point of appearing crabby.

So what of it? 😉

I was recently gifted with a Zentangle gift pack, a how-to book and some pens and some tiles.

Long story short, this is a meditative and relaxing art form not to be confused with doodling. It’s hard! But it does force me to be mindful and present and engaged in the practice.

Yeah, I have some hurdles to get over, like being more fully engaged and more patient…I need to cast aside my Yankee sensibility and not worry so much about wasting ink and paper.

Even so, I’m grateful for the gift that has allowed me an opportunity to breathe with purpose, to focus, and to unwrap, if only a little and temporarily.

I plan to stick with it, to get better and looser and more mindful…I highly suggest and recommend it, to anyone else who might be wrapped a little tighter than they’d like!


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