So…when I first started running, people would tell me they saw me…out…walking.

But the other day, at the cookout of a neighbor-friend, I was asked how much I run and how fast, “because every time I see you, you’re flying.”

And I’ve been flying ever since!

An awesome reminder of how much we can progress, and how sometimes we see it and others don’t…but more importantly others sometimes might see what we don’t. Feel good about what you’re doing, keep doing it for you, worry about no one else, and bask in the glory, however it comes.

Me, I know I’m still training with 9:45 minute miles. But she thinks I’m fast. Maybe she’s right!

Gotta be brief, again…consulting job continues at least through this week, and life continues to get in the way. I’m keeping my head up and down at the same time, and I’m trying…I’m doing…and I’m not beating myself up for doing too much or too little.

But, before I go, I’ll tell you this: if you live in an area where you enjoy full-service gas stations, tip the attendant a dollar when you fill up. It feels amazing.


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