Need Another Reason To Start? 5 Magic Minutes, All It Takes.


I’m a huge advocate for doing.  Doing what?  Something.  Anything.  There’s so much pressure to do things right or do them a certain way or look a certain way while you’re doing them that we shy away from the pressure and use our uncertainty about the particulars as an excuse not to do something.

If there’s something you want to accomplish, don’t sweat the details.  Focus on the goal, and take steps–size irrelevant–towards the goal.  The end.  Stumbles and missteps are ok, because they are learning experiences, and learning experiences get you closer to your goal.

One frequent excuse we use for not doing things is time.  I can’t possibly find the time to blank to get me to my goal of blank.

Or, more specifically, but for example: “I don’t have a half hour to run and even if I did I couldn’t run for a half hour anyway.”

This article debunks that thinking entirely.  Running for as few as five minutes a day has health benefits.  Can;t run for five minutes?  Run for 30 seconds and walk for 4.5 minutes.  I don’t care what you do or how you do it.  Just get out there and do something.  30 seconds will lead to 45 seconds which will, if you are both patient and persistent, lead to whatever duration you set as your goal.  

The thing is, running isn’t the point. The five minutes is the point. Spend five minutes a day focusing on what matters to you. Educate yourself. Read. Write. Run. Call a friend. Whatever your goal is, spend five minutes a day doing something—anything—to get yourself closer to that goal. Make those five minutes magic.

Generate and benefit from your own positive momentum.  Forget what others say or do, forget your inner negative self.  Just start.  Now.  Go.  Do.  Be.


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