Life: A Gift of a Mental Game


Life is funny. It’s also “funny.” And it also can be decidedly un-funny. Sometimes all in the exact same moment, sometimes in a chain-reaction triggered by the Universe, and sometimes we go on streaks, both good and bad.

Life’s a series of moments that are uniquely and distinctly isolated, yet wildly and complicatedly connected. Sometimes we feel in control, comfortable, happy. Sometimes we feel out of control, drifting, floating happily along, enjoying the view.


Other times we feel a different kind of loss of control…pulled under, churning, swirling, disoriented…


What does it all mean, why does it happen, and how do we fight through and stay accountable?

It helps me to remember this great quote by Rob Bell: “That breath that you just took…that’s a gift.” It should be so obvious, but it’s often overlooked and under appreciated.

So what’s my point, given the complicated simplicity of the interconnected isolation of life?

–Try to appreciate the gift in every moment, especially when the breath is the only gift.

–Realize that in every moment you have a choice, sometimes more than one choice, and appreciate that your choices impact your future and/or other people in some way.

–Draw on the experiences of your past to build yourself a better future.

–Allow yourself to be open to the influence of other people, but do not allow yourself to be defined by them.

–Don’t forget the extent to which you have control, and exert control in the places you do.

–Try to resist the urge to place blame on others or on yourself; learn the lesson and move on!

–Let go of pain in your past. You can’t change anything that you did. But you can change everything you do.

So, go. Do. Be the you that you want to be. Just start trying. Now. Go.


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