Cry Me A River.


Apparently what separates a good surprise from a bad one is a river of tears, something I discovered quite by accident just now. I went to file my weekly unemployment claim and much like Old Mother Hubbard discovered, the cupboard was bare. There was no link to file a claim and then I saw it. In the balance column. $0.00. Three zeroes. No balance. No claim to file. No income. Nothing. No job. No prospects. The shit hitting the fan.

Bad surprise. Took my breath away. Like something breathtaking is good, having one’s breath taken away is quite the opposite. I was a little hung over. Had a good run to sweat it out. Came home and cracked a lemonade flavored coconut water…feeling good…progress.


Is it going to be ok? I suppose so, eventually. Though I have no idea how that might be. I gotta believe. I gotta have faith.

And in the spirit of maintaining a positive attitude and outlook, I am giving myself permission to be sad, aggravated, frustrated, and pissed off today.

One day only.

And then I get right back to it and know that I am kicking tomorrow’s ass.

Sometimes you lose battles to win wars.


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