Choose Wisely: How Do You Respond?


I think, sometimes, and maybe even a lot of times, the natural tendency is to play victim. There are varying degrees of victimhood, from the overdramatic (those who think they were born with a target on their back, and they are the Universe’s favorite shot) to the subconsciously negative (nothing ever goes right), but in many of those cases, we find ourselves or others riding the wave of whatever it is that is affecting us. And right there, in that sentence, the problem is illustrated: we can ride the wave of what is affecting us, or WE CAN CHOOSE TO REACT DIFFERENTLY, AND CREATE AND RIDE A DIFFERENT WAVE!

If I could have a superpower, it might be the power of choice. It’s not always easy to reframe, reshape, and create new context for thoughts or impacts or events. But, when we do, we almost always create a swing from the negative to the positive.

The quote above was something I read yesterday, and I’ve been reflecting on it since. At first I thought, “Cool.” But then as I thought more about it, I thought “Why did I think this was cool? What does it really mean?”

I continued to think about it, subconsciously, passively, as it rolled lazily around in the recesses of my brain. And that led me to two primary thoughts:

1) It is really important to think about and process what we hear or read or see, but that thinking needs to be more of an exercise in mindfulness and growth v rumination and paralysis. (It’s important to expose ourselves to new thoughts and ideas, but I’ll save my thoughts on that for another post.)

2) We have the power to choose how we respond to everything.

Those two realizations opened up my mind to this quote, and with it came my lesson in the words. (Bear in mind that I am different than you, I am a unique makeup of all my unique experiences and my unique makeup, and thus your response may be completely different, but no less “right” than mine.)

“The most precious thing in life is uncertainty.” Yes! Uncertainty about what will happen or what will be, that unpredictability, that’s what makes life exciting and interesting and precious. Self-knowledge, knowing that I can and will (try to) choose wisely in the face of what that uncertainty ultimately delivers gives me the confidence to know that whatever comes I will be ok, and that ok-ness is in my power. If we always knew, we’d always be bored, and that would become a different kind of negative cycle.

So embrace uncertainty, make the power of choice a superpower, take care of yourself in how you respond, and start living an interesting, exciting, and positive life! Go!


Just read this quote:


Live limitless. Be possibility. Go. Now. Start!

You can do it!


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