Savory Oatmeal Strikes Again!


I was hungry. (What’s new?). Didn’t have much in the house. (Whats new?). Wanted to eat healthy. (What’s new?) (See a pattern here?)

I also didn’t have many calories available to me, so what to do?

The easy answer would be something like cereal, which I had last night for dinner. Or eggs, which I had this morning for breakfast. Or oatmeal with blueberries, because they were in the house. But I really wanted dinner oatmeal. And so, in five minutes, I was eating a big delicious nutritious filling bowl of savory oats, done like this:

Microwaved 1/2 c of Quaker Quick Oats.
Warmed a half serving (61g) of Goya low sodium black beans with a little chipotle spice blend.
Stirred 1/8c of shredded Mexican cheese into the cooked oats.
Added the hot beans and mixed those in.
Topped it with a serving of Trader Joe’s salsa verde.

According to my pal, MyFitnessPal, that was a 265c dinner with 12g of protein. I’ll take it.

You have to start to get and gain positive momentum. So go. Start. Now.

And let this remind you of the power and value of choices, which we have at every turn. I could have gotten a takeout meatball sub, which I always love. Or a pizza. But I didn’t. And that might have tasted better, but I definitely wouldn’t have been happier than I am right now.

You get what I’m saying?

Go. And be good to yourself if you ever do choose the meatball sub!


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