Keep Trying.


I’m past the anguish of that bad half marathon and am forcing myself to push through life’s curveballs, like unemployment and family illness. To be honest, running a bad half marathon is a good problem to have.

I originally titled this post “Just Keep Trying,” but then remembered that “just” is such a marginalizing and minimalizing word. One I am trying to cut completely from my vocabulary. But I digress. Trying is both easy and hard, but not something you can “just” do. Anyhow.

Tonight I want to reiterate the importance of hanging in and pushing and experimenting. And tonight I indulged my craving for oatmeal and my love of eggs with said oatmeal and my craving something spicy-ish. And so I just devoured a bowl of spicy, delicious, and only (per MyFitnessPal) 320 calories Sriracha eggs and oats. With some Riesling, because my calorie count was down for the day and I felt like sipping.

1/2 c of Quaker quick oats, a cup of water, and 2T of sriracha. More or less depending on your tastes.

Microwaved it for two minutes while I fried two eggs in coconut cooking spray, cooked over very easy.

Salted and peppered the oats, put the runny yolked eggs on top, drizzled with more sriracha, salted and peppered again…

Delicious spicy heaven.

Trying new things is exciting and fun and sometimes successful.

Keep doing.



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