Oz Isn’t a Real Place, Right?


I was watching the Today show just now and they showed a story that I had seen a blurb about on Facebook earlier this morning. It was about Dr. Oz testifying before Congress and how he was taken to task over his endorsement of miracle cures for weight loss.

It got me to thinking a few things:

  • Dr. Oz belongs in Oz, a land of make-believe…where inhabitants inevitably crash back I to reality.
  • It’s funny that his name is Oz. Wonder why anyone trusts the crazy wizard in the first place.
  • And the big one—if it sounds too good to be true, it is!

If there were a miracle cure for weight loss, there would not be an obesity epidemic raging in this country.

You can not out-train a shitty diet, no matter what.

So ignore all these magic bullet products and workouts, and consider this:

  • Your goals are uniquely your own.
  • You need to commit.
  • You need to work hard.
  • You need to make sustainable, lasting change.
  • You can do it.

You just need to do it. It’s that simple and that difficult. It’s not easy but it gets easier. Your new habits will become the fabric of your life, and positive change will breed positive change.


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