Culture Clash: A Run V A Donut



This week showcased two “National ________________ Days,” which couldn’t have been at more opposite ends of the fitness spectrum. National Running Day, which was Wednesday 6/4, and National Donut Day, which is today, 6/6. I’m happy to say that on both days I ran, on neither did I eat a donut, but in the sprit of full disclosure, I had a piece of chocolate cake for breakfast yesterday.

And it was delicious.

However, the whole run v donut, healthy v healthy clash posed by these two days gave me a a renewed focus on the power of good choices, the need to forgive ourselves the bad ones, and the importance of ensuring that in the aggregate the majority of our choices are good. And if that is not the case, we must aim to make one more good choice with each day. Just one. Start.

Because I’m no longer eating dinner alone every night, I’m trying to do a better job of shaking things up, staying meatless as often as possible, not eating scraps from the fridge, and not going to bed hungry.

As you know, I met the wheat berry last week, and yesterday I introduced it around, in the form of this recipe. It was delicious, we both loved it, and there was no shortage of conversation about how filling the wheat berries are, especially given they are only 150c per serving.

Fast forward to today, and the point of this post. The versatility of a dish like this. Or anything with quinoa or couscous as a base. You can eat it hot for dinner, then take the leftovers cold for lunch the next day. I like the fact that eating it like a cold salad is an excellent use of leftovers, without tasting like I’m eating the same thing as I did 16 or 18 hours before. I also like the fact that I can have two great, healthy meals from a single dish. Per MyFitness pal, this dish clocks in just under 300 calories per serving, and. Don’t think it gets any better than that.

So do yourself a favor and start experimenting with wheat berries and quinoa, and see for yourself!


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