Balance. Balance. Balance. Balance. Balance.


Sorry. Just thinking out loud. “Balance,” I tell myself. “Balance.” “Balance.” “Balance.” “Balance.” “Balance.”

No matter when, no matter what…I never know when something’s going to flick a mental domino for me and I start experiencing my own personal tipping point.

Overall, nothing has changed, yet the lens of life focuses on a different aspect of life, magnifying it, intensifying our attention on it. When that happens and the shift is toward the positive, we either don’t notice it, don’t consider it in context, or simply enjoy it while we have it. When it’s a downward swing, we feel the drop mentally—and maybe even physically. We notice it. We ruminate. We wallow. That’s a natural tendency.

With extremes, be they positive or otherwise, it’s important to consider the context. Look at the big picture. Assess things in the aggregate.

I’m thinking out loud here, because I’m trying to find my inner balance, thrown by a clunking car, a warm refrigerator, and and unemployment bank that is rapidly drying up. It’s overwhelming, and I have no control. I have to force myself to breathe, to accept and address the challenges, and to create situations that allow me to surround myself with all that is right with my world.


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