A Run a To Honor…An Honor to Run


Up early this cloudy Saturday to run my favorite race of the year, a 5K—Marine Corps Honor Run. This year I’ll be running with my 14 year old nephew.

I’m waking up tired, because my training plan had me running 8 miles yesterday. This is really the first time in my running history that I’m having trouble getting through. I feel good, physically. Not injured. But when I run I don’t feel so good. I don’t get it, at all.

So here I am at a point where I’m having to self-talk and self-motivate. But I’m getting it done. I’m grinding through. I’m accessing my stable of motivational quotes, as I remind myself that I’m lapping the guy or girl on the couch.

That said, I’m learning something as this is happening. I’m still eating well. I’m not sleeping great at all. And I’m going out—and drinking—more frequently than usual. After a long, cold winter, the Spring Social Season is finally kicking off. Nah. There is no Spring Social Season. Just a lot going on, coincidentally, plus a few things that have been postponed over the winter due to the cruddy weather.

But the numbers don’t lie, and when I look at what’s going on with my training runs, I’m reminded how quickly things can shift direction in a bad direction due to bad choices. So I can choose to be depressed by my slower times, and feeling like I’m wearing cinderblocks on my feet or I can flip it back, knowing that good choices fuel good results.

Bring it!


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