Square One or A Knock At The Door?


Sometimes, it is really hard to tell.

Today is one of those days…my beloved gym of 16 months, the gym that helped me discover my inner ninja and develop muscles for the first time in my 46.92 years, closed today.

I’m really sad. I’m bummed for the hard-working guy/awesome trainer who busted his balls trying to build a good business. I’m bummed for myself, because I am completely flummoxed about what I will do to keep progressing with my strength training. It’s helped me physically and mentally. Has helped my confidence and made me a stronger runner. It gave me a place to be strong and mentally tough and occasionally have a laugh.

So what does thus mean? Am I back to Square One or am I presented with an opportunity? A little of both, I suppose, but in this case my attitude isn’t the only determining factor.

But it serves to remind me that I have a choice about how I look at it, how I respond, and what I do next. Do I like that my gym is closed? No. But what comes next is up to me. I need to do something and I need to start. Now.


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