A Fine Line Indeed


There’s a thin line between love and hate. There are many situations when we hear two sides of something described as being separated by a fine line…the fine line is really a tipping point of sorts…in some cases something tips and is permanently upended and in other cases it can be reset or leveled. But the bottom line is that which separates two dramatically different things is, many times, barely discernible.

I always consider the following two sayings:

Many hands make light work.
Too many cooks spoil the broth.

There’s a razor-thin line between those two things, right? One more body, or one more personality, and a completely cooperative community becomes chaos.

It got me thinking about my own situation…and as I reflected on a few things going on in my own life, it hit me that there’s a line between being back to Square One and hearing the knock of Opportunity. I continued contemplating how close such two radically different positions can be, and I had my “Aha!” moment…the line can be superfine or superthick, and in many cases the line is comprised of one thing: ATTITUDE.

So when you find yourself lamenting whatever unfortunate change has you thinking that you’ve been sent back to Square One, do whatever it takes to reframe your thinking to get yourself over the line and into the land of Opportunity! Search for relevant inspirational quotes. Read a self-help book or article. See what others are saying in Social Media. Remember, you need to find what resonates with and works for you, and that is something unique to you…your experiences, circumstances, expectations skills…your YOUnique makeup.

In other news, it’s not breaking news that I love oatmeal. Almost every winter night finds me preparing my steel cut oats so I can reheat and eat them in the morning. I’ve heard and read a lot about “Overnight Oats,” but have actively ignored all of it, because in my mind, oatmeal is a hot breakfast.

However, while I was actively ignoring Overnight Oats, I was subconsciously obsessing about them. I had a 5K early Saturday and suspected that I would a) not want to spend the 5 minutes making the oats on Friday night, b) not want to spend the 5 minutes prepping them in the morning, and c) I had this nagging obsession with the Overnight Oats that so many people are raving about.

So I looked at a bunch of recipes, looked at what I had in my kitchen and went for it, settling on:

A banana, which I mashed.
1/2C of Trader Joe’s rolled oats
1T of Skippy Natural peanut butter
A small splash of vanilla
1/2T of agave (but would use maple syrup or honey too, and more or less depending on what else was going in it/whether I wanted it more or less sweet)
1/2C of vanilla unsweetened almond milk
1/2T of Chia seeds (totally up to you)

I mixed it all up, covered the bowl, and stuck it in the fridge.

In the morning, I was excited for the race and excited to give my new breakfast a go. (They say not to change your breakfast on a race day, but it was a short race, was pretty much a cold version of what I normally eat, and in hindsight I had no ill effects.)

It did look a little like sludge but it smelled great and after a stir and an initial taste, I pretty much shoveled it it. I loved it! And, per MyFitnessPal, just under 450 calories.

The other thing I mixed up based on what I had a hankering for and what was lingering in my kitchen, I blended 4 ounces of cold coffee, 4 ounces of chocolate milk, and a little frozen banana. Delicious and just over 100 calories, more or less depending on how much frozen banana you use. Oh, and if you want to add yogurt and/or liquid egg whites, feel free…when I did that got my calorie count up by 140…4oz of vanilla nonfat Greek yogurt and 6T liquid egg whites.

I’m pretty excited to have two new go-tos for summer eats. If it ever warms up around here!


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