Easter Blessings, I Suppose


This morning I had the good fortune to be running the BAA 5K, the first of a three-race series (the Distance Relay). As I was heading toward the finish line, I heard them announcing the names of finishers as they crossed. I heard them announce “Henry Richard” and thought, sadly, “Good for him!” But when I crossed the finish line and was weaving through the exit corral, I saw him walking right next to me, in a group, all wearing Team MR8 shirts. My heart got so heavy…yet with gratitude…so it was a very foreign yet very distinct feeling, a mixture of many feelings really. I could hop on a soapbox and talk about peace and tolerance and blessings, but I won’t. That’s not why I am here. But I will encourage you all to take a moment, to step away from the congestion of life, and to count some of the blessings in your own lives. No matter where I am or what I am feeling, I can always find something good…inevitably when I do, it triggers other positive memories and thoughts, and keeps my ship righted.

Anyhow…after the race I tried one of these beauties, and boy was it good. Not low calorie by any stretch (just over 200 in a serving and the recipe is from Cooking Light but I’m not sure what it is light compared with…a cup of Crisco?) but tasted great. And it has me slightly obsessed with making my own energy bars, but ideally in the low- to mid-hundred calorie/serving range…I see puréed beans in my future.

My Saturday awaits, even though the only thing I know for sure that it consists of is a post-race shower. No matter what you are thinking right now, enjoy the day. If you need to straighten things out in your head, do. Find the good. And if you really can’t find any good, then make the good…be the good. Just start. Go.


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