Recipe Alert: Make These. Now.


I love these. No more for me to say here.

But I will, albeit quickly since I must go to the gym. I just finished a partial batch of these, which I skimmed from a supply that I made my nephew to take to his track meet. They’re too good not to share!

They are easy to make but take a little while, keep great in the fridge, are good at any time of day for any reason, and are a pretty good approximation of cookie dough.

As a kid I would wait for my mom to go hang out or take in the laundry to sneak into her cowboy cookie dough. These are every bit as good, but I can have them whenever I want.

Depending on how many you get out of a batch, MyFitnessPal puts these right around 100 calories per. I don’t think I have ever eaten just one!


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