On Running The Mile You’re In


I saw this in my Facebook feed recently and, like so many things, filed it away, not knowing when I’d think about it or come back to it again, if ever.

Today when I was running, as has been the case with me since I came back from my trip, I found myself become acutely aware of the traffic jam in my head, and realized that it was distracting me and taking away from the enjoyment of what I was doing.

And then I started thinking about that Facebook post and the advice to “Run the mile you’re in.” So I did that. I ran the mile I was in. Which meant thinking about the fact that it was cold, too cold for April. About how good it felt to run, knowing that I had already strength trained earlier in the morning. I thought about the mile I was in, and how many bites of cheesecake it would allow me to eat later. I thought about the mile I was in, that it was another miles added to my base, another mile of my training. And I thought about the mile I was in, for a total of four miles, and felt good for doing it.

Presto…traffic jam alleviated. And did you ever notice, when you’re driving and stuck in traffic, many times the traffic just dissipates without you ever knowing why it was there in the first place? My head is like that. Sometimes it just gets jammed up and loud and cacophonous. In a real traffic jam, you can choose to get keyed up and pissed off about sitting there or whether to enjoy the solitude and space with music or whatever. How I deal with the traffic jams in my head is the same. Today it was about running the mile I was in…I was present in the moment, and I came out ahead on the other side.


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