Killer French Toast. With syrup. ~300 calories.


I woke up this morning knowing I had bread in the house and craving french toast. I felt hungry, so I went over the ingredients I thought I’d like it to include and punched them into MyFitnessPal. Over 600 calories. Hmmm…a lot for breakfast…but I’m running 5.5 miles this afternoon, probably will have a light lunch and dinner…thought about it…could probably swing a big breakfast…and decided against it. I went with this:

Two slices of white whole grain bread
1T liquid egg white
1T unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1/3 cup crushed Heritage Flakes cereal
1T maple syrup
1 small banana (mine was 70g)

According to MyFitnessPal, about 310 calories. Can’t beat it.

I mixed the milk and liquid egg whites in one small, flat bowl. Put the crushed cereal in another.

Sliced the banana and placed it on one slice of bread, topping it with another. (Essentially a banana sandwich.). Sprayed my griddle with cooking spray and heated it. Held the sandwich so the banana wouldn’t fly out the sides, dipped it in the liquid on both sides then in the cereal flakes. Cooked it up, flipped it carefully to keep the bananas inside, finished cooking it…threw on the maple syrup and devoured it.



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