Join. Help. Give. The Importance of Teamwork.


Back on My Feet is an awesome organization that provides supplemental services to homeless people who commit to participating in a group running program.

This is a post I started some time ago, but wasn’t sure where I wanted to go with it. Now I do.

So here’s the old part of the post, from about two months ago:

My 8th-grade nephew learned about BOMF at an honor roll assembly at school, and couldn’t wait to tell me about it, because he thought it would be perfect for me. I did some research, attended an orientation, and he was right.

I’ve now finished my first month of volunteer running from a local homeless shelter. They go out M, W, and F every week–weather is no obstacle–and I’ve committed to W mornings.

BOMF follows this formula:

Running and Community + Emotional Transformation = Training, Employment, and Housing

I bring up BOMF now for a few reasons:

• I did it this morning, a two-mile walk in 20-degree weather, so it’s top of mind.

• Giving back feels incredible, and I encourage people to make time to volunteer. Even if it’s an annual event that you and your family can do together. It’s critical and vital and leaves me, as mentions, feeling incredible.

• The tenets of BOMF are closely aligned with my principles–simple, manageable, building blocks to an important destination.

• I’m unemployed; while I am by no means in financial distress, I’m more empathetic than I might be otherwise.

And here’s the new part of the post:

It’s Wednesday, which means another early morning run with the BOMF Team. That’s right, I said “run.” We’re 8 members strong now, in week 2 of our C25K training, with our eyes on the prize—a 5K run in July.

There were 10 of us in total today, and those of us who ran did so for 90 seconds followed by a 2 minute walk…with warmup and cool down we were going for about 35 minutes and covered about 2.25 miles. All good.

I was talking to a fellow runner afterwards and he was the second runner who called me an inspiration. It makes me so glad that I’m doing this. Another runner thanked me for my support.

Getting up an running early is great. You go through the day feeling like you’re one up on it, because you’ve already taken care of yourself. When you run with this team, that factor is magnified exponentially.

Which brings me to my point…well the main point…if you are in a city with a BOMF chapter, look into joining. If you aren’t, look into doing something.

Semi-related: the importance of team and camaraderie and support. Find a running club in your area. You’re not too slow or too fat or too anything. Don’t be afraid. Everyone was like you once. You won’t find a more supportive and encouraging environment. My club of choice is the Colonial Road Runners. They’re the best!

It boils down to the same old thing. Get started. Do something. Anything. Don’t underestimate the importance of momentum!


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