St. Patrick’s Day: March Musings


Another great quote by Jim Rohn:


  • Made my first corned beef and cabbage dinner yesterday. Slow cooker. It was awesome. It was a flat cut and not too fatty. With tons of carrots and cabbage and a few potatoes, it wasn’t even unhealthy. (Of course going out after dinner and drinking too much beer while bowling is another story…)
  • I’m officially training for my third half marathon. It’s on June 8. The weather here is still so cold, it’s killing me. But I’m doing it. One of these days I’ll give you details on how I got to this point with my running. Until then, keep moving. Or google “couch to 5k.” If I can do it, anyone can.
  • I made a bread last night to go with dinner. I added 1T of sugar and used almond milk with 2.5T of white vinegar (which sat for 5 minutes first) in place of the buttermilk. It was so good. I can’t wait for leftovers tonight!
  • Cottage cheese is a great snack.
  • And so are graham crackers with almond butter.
  • The whole Jenna Wolfe 30 day thing isn’t doing it for me.
  • I’m glad I went to the gym this morning even though I was tired.
  • You can do it!

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