Shamrock Shake: Healthier, Hold the Big Mac (As Promised)


Yesterday I got sidetracked by my exciting discovery of unsweetened chocolate almond milk.

It threw a happy obstacle in the joyous path I was on, the one where I deliver the proverbial pot of gold right to your door. Well, to your monitor or iPad screen or whatever…but anyway…

I must be very unquarteririshamerican. Never had a Shamrock Shake, though I have often heard the praises sung of McDonald’s seasonal emerald delight. So this year my healthy eating habits collided with my need to finally have a Shamrock Shake.

No way could I justify the 500+ calories for something I was going to slurp down in an instant. I know me. The thing would be gone in 5 minutes, max.

3/4 c. Edy’s slow-churned vanilla ice cream (150 calories)
3/4 c. Unsweetened vanilla almond milk (22 calories)
1/8 t. Peppermint extract (1 calories, adjust amount up/down to taste)

If you want to make it authentic, add some green food coloring.

Blend away.


On an unrelated note, these Southwest Quinoa Cakes are absolutely delicious. Though next time I will add some jalapeño for a kick. And they reheat wonderfully…added bonus!


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