O Happy Day. Irish Jigging Early.


Ok. I admit, I was preparing another, different, awesome post in anticipation of St. Patrick’s Day. But now I am doing an unexpected jig, and want to share my excitement. I’ll come back to that other post later; I promise.

Once you get used to your new lifestyle, moments like the one I am experiencing now will bring you overwhelming joy. You might be embarrassed by how positively giddy you get. Alarmed. Or concerned. But in the end, all you’ll care about is how happy a discovery makes you. And for me, today, it’s this:


Unsweetened Chocolate Almond Milk. Say what? 45 calories per cup? Forty? Five? For reals?

I’ll be honest. I haven’t even tried it yet but already know it’s good enough…it gives me back 75 calories per smoothie. The sweetened version is awesome. I admit. But it’s a buck twenty calories/cup. You read that right. 120. So for the caloric savings, it’s a healthy swap I can’t resist. I have 1.5 cartons of high test stuff to finish but I will eventually get back to you on how good this is.

For now, I’ll relish the forthcoming caloric improvement and jig on from there.

Oh, and at 2/$4 sale at my local grocery, buying six was practically shoplifting!


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