Just Start Already.


No shortage of self-help/diet/exercise/whatever improvement plans address the fact that no plan works for everyone. But what’s missing is how to make a plan or an approach work for you. That’s why I advocate learning and figuring that out as you go. Experiment. Try. Celebrate successes. Learn from and laugh at the things that go awry.

But before that can work, you have to go. Start. Move. Whatever it means for you, you need to stop thinking and start doing.

This is a great article that reinforces the notion of doing. I take a little bit of issue with the fact that he says that the first step is easy. The first step can be hard…you can be saddled with fear or uncertainty or both, along with any other angst-y stuff you either deliberately or subconsciously use to self-sabotage.

Just start. Trust me. You won’t regret it. In the words of Lao Tzu:



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