Yes. “Rice.” From Cauliflower.



You may or may not know but any healthy food that stands in for a pre-existing less-healthy food has to have quotation marks around it, in my book.

Some are better than others, for sure, but one of my absolute favorites involves turning cauliflower into “rice.” This one is a real culinary magic trick and will save you a couple hundred calories. Most rice is in the 200 calorie neighborhood for a one-cup serving. And a cup of rice really isn’t much at all. However, there are some dishes that you simply can’t serve without rice, especially a good stir fry. On Friday night, we ate slow-cooker jambalaya over brown rice and then afterwards talked about how the 200 calories worth of rice ruined an otherwise decent dinner, calorie-wise. So on Sunday, when we were having citrus chicken stir fry, we went with cauliflower rice, with no regrets.

You take a head of cauliflower (for me, usually bigger than a softball but smaller than a bowling ball), wash it, cut it into florets, and then grate it. The food processor makes quick work of it. Biggest downside to the prep is the “mess.” I find that little pieces of cauliflower fly everywhere no matter how careful I am. In any case, take the grated cauliflower, put it in a microwave-safe dish, add a couple tablespoons of water (I usually use around 3…just enough to wet it so it will steam; you really don’t want the cauliflower to swim and when it’s done you need it dry, like normal rice), cover it, and zap it for about 7 minutes. Then I mix in whatever I think goes with what I am serving. So with a citrus stir fry I went with lime zest/juice, salt, and pepper. The possibilities are endless. Do a Google search.

Under a delicious stir fry is one place where cauliflower rice has a happy and permanent home in my diet. And it’s faster to cook too.

Try it. Please. And let me know how it goes.


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