Really Good Really Healthy Soup


This soup was something.

Easy to make. You just need to cut cauliflower (unless you buy florets), onions, and mushrooms. It’s vegan and grain free, which isn’t of great importance to me. It’s super low in calories (per MyFitnessPal, under 200 for a 600g serving), and utilizes almond milk. If you’re not vegan, milk would be fine, I think.

Pretty sad to be singing the praises of soup recipes in March, but the truth is the weather here warrants it. I’m glad I discovered it, and got it in I under the wire before the weather isn’t soup cold anymore.

There are seemingly a gigabazillion healthy recipes on the Internet. Might as well pass along the ones I think are worth cooking. This is one of them, for sure. Mainly you need to figure out what your tastes are, whose recommendations you trust, and then don’t be afraid to try–expect mixed results! But also expect a lot of fun and a lot of pleasant surprises. (Can you say “black bean brownies”? I can.)


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