Decadent and Delicious Lunch (Smoothie)


Even at the tail end of a long and abnormally cold winter, I still can’t get enough of a good smoothie, even if it leaves me shivering.

One of my favorites, which comes in just under 400 calories as I make it (370 give or take, depending on how much banana you put in), is a perfect after-workout meal.

One cup of chocolate almond milk
4 oz. of Chobani nonfat vanilla yogurt
1T of Skippy all-natural (no stir!) peanut butter
75g frozen banana

Blend the heck out if it and drink it down. More banana = thicker, creamier smoothie.

Next up, I may try this one with a half of an avocado…depending on where I am at with my calories some day. That would add about 80 more calories, still keeping me around the 450 calorie/meal mark. You can always omit the yogurt too. Personal preference, available calories, some combination of the two…no matter…do what works for you as long as you’re being smart about it. Remember, if you are trying to lose weight, you must burn off more than you take in. Simple math. Remember?

About that 450 thing…one time I read you should aim to have about 4 small (450c) meals per day. That’s 1800 calories, excluding snacks. I’m currently trying for about 1250 calories/day, which is the recommended amount for me to slowly lose a bit more weight…I’m not trying to lose weight but I know there are days where I don’t keep track of everything, so I keep my calorie allowance a bit lower to compensate. So anyway, what to do if the recommended eating structure is higher than your daily intake? Adjust down, of course. Or exercise more to earn more calories. But when I am winging it, for ease, I like to stick around the 450-calorie mark.

There’s another famous weight-loss saying: “Eat breakfast like a King/Queen, lunch like a Prince(ss), and dinner like a pauper.” That’s a hard one for a lot of people, I think. The logistical demands of the day often times preclude the hearty breakfast. But you can learn to eat better in the morning, jump starting your metabolism, helping you feel more energetic, and blah blah blah.

I’m babbling. And I really only stopped in so that you’d have a new smoothie recipe to try. Adjust based on your tastes. Enjoy. Have fun. Be happy.


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