30 Days To…To…What?


On Saturday, a segment on the Today show, 30 Days to a Better You, really hit me because it aligned very well with my thoughts and my lifestyle. Mainly I liked the way it sounded because it focused on getting started, setting goals (even small ones), and moving toward healthy and happy.

So I went online to look it up, and maybe to sign up. Knowledge is power, and that is an important component of my philosophy on life…I did a Google
Search of “30 days to” and was taken aback by the number and variety of search suggestions I was offered:

  • 30 days to understanding the bible
  • 30 days to a more powerful vocabulary
  • 30 days to abs
  • 30 days to thin
  • 30 days to a flat stomach

While I realize that it’s alleged that it takes only 21 days to develop a habit, this list started to smack of “quick fix.” Really? Abs/thin/a flat stomach/a better you? In 30 days?

Then I got sort of aggravated. Because it takes more than 30 days and all of these programs help people by spoon feeding them for a month. So what? What they don’t do is train people how to create and follow their own program for continued growth and sustainability.

The thing about programs like this is they tend to leave out the “real life” component. What happens next? How do I adjust? What should I expect to see for results and what should I conclude from that? A 30-day program will get you started, but it won’t give you the tools and understanding you need to be successful with your own unique goals, given your own unique life.

Do whatever it takes. Do something. Start following Jenna Wolfe’s program. But also think about what you want to get from it, and what you’re willing to give to it…and think about where you want to be in 60, 90, 120 or more days from now. What do you need to do to get there? And how do you make it happen when you’re not being instructed every day?

You need to learn to build your own plan. Stick with me, and if you have a question, ask it!


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