Jacked-Up Comfort Food #1


So I mentioned that I’m sick today. I have this crappy head cold that has come and gone all Winter…but it’s never come so hard as to be debilitating or gone so far as to leave me feeling good. In any case, when I feel like there’s super glue in my sinuses and Ringo Starr is pounding on my eardrums, I go for spicy. But I’m tired and lazy, so I go for spicy-easy. Trader Joe’s Low Sodium Tomato and Roasted Red Pepper Soup and a grilled cheese.

My adds? A shitload of crushed red pepper to the soup at the start so it simmers up nice and spicy. For the grilled cheese I love a quinoa flax bread from Whole Foods, and use about an ounce of whatever cheese is on hand, another generous sprinkle or 5 of crushed red, and if I have a small tomato I throw that on too.

Delicious. Nutritious enough. Spicy. Sinus-softening. Cheap. Heaven. 423-523 calories, depending mainly on whether you have 8oz. of soup or 16. I choose depending on how hungry I am and how many calories I’ve already eaten in whatever given day. Today I went with the large.

But when your feeling stuffed up and tired and lazy and wanting to be treated, go for old reliable–tomato soup and grilled cheese! It’ll leave you fully full and a little bit sweaty and feeling very well-taken care of.


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