Introducing Tonight’s Healthy “Dessert”


Peanut butter chocolate chip “ice cream”! Ok, so full disclosure, I like and eat a lot of “healthy” food. But most of these cockamamie things require quotation marks. They’re not quite the real thing…but they are really good. “Spaghetti” Squash. Black Bean “Brownies”. You get what I am saying.

As an aside, there’s a church near me that has a sign hanging out front. It says “St. Albert’s “WELCOMES” All God’s Children.” Needless to say, quotation marks matter; they mean something!

But anyway, I wanted something sweet and cold and ice cream-y. So I put a frozen banana and a tablespoon of Skippy Natural Peanut Butter with a splash of Almond Milk in my food processor and let it rip. About three minutes later it was the consistency of soft serve ice cream. I stirred in 8 chocolate chips and had me a healthy enough dessert. Under 250 calories, not much fat…and I should say that I estimate my nutrition info using MyFitnessPal. So it may or may not be accurate. But in any case, it was delicious.

Next time I plan to do something coconutty.

My advice to you is this: buy bananas, let them get brown, peel them, break them into pieces, and freeze them…make sure you always have plenty on hand. Because you will need them for lots of great “secret” “recipes”.


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